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        2. Custom luxury homeCustom luxury home

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          When you come to the stage in your life where you are considering a Riverview home or renovation, you have come far. You have an idea of what the next chapter of your life will look like and you need a partner who n pture your vision without compromise. We are that partner.

          Our history of crafting luxury homes and renovations combined with our unique ability to achieve even the most challenging vision means if you n dream it, we n build it.

          Your life is a story that your home n tell. We will tell it well.


          Riverview Custom Homes - Chris York Interview

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          Building your legacy

          Amazing architecture, superior craftsmanship and quality, a heightened level of service, and complete financial transparency. It’s a homebuilding experience you will enjoy, exceeding your expectations from concept to completion.

          New Homes
          Custom luxury homeCustom kitchen in luxury home

          Refining your legacy

          If you love your current home and want to renovate, you will also want our amazing architecture, superior craftsmanship and quality, heightened level of service and complete financial transparency. We will exceed your expectations from concept to completion.


          A Riverview home may have already ught your eye. We have over a dede of crafting custom homes and renovations throughout the city and surrounding areas.

          Riverview Stories
          Luxury living room
          Timeless design

          Chris York

          Christopher York launched Riverview in 2011, quickly becoming one of the most sought after luxury home builders in lgary. Recognized as Builder of the Year numerous times, the Riverview team is dedited to working closely with you to ensure dreams are successfully realized.

          “Welcome. Enjoy touring the site to see what we have created. I look forward to meeting you in person and exploring what we n do for you.”
          – Chris York

          We build a few extraordinary homes each year. We would like to make yours one of them.

          Builder of the Year

          2014 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2021

          Single Family Builder of the Year

          2013 | 2014 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2020 | 2021


          2014 - 2021



          2021 Single Family Builder of the Year
          • Winner | $765,000 – $909,999 – Skyward
          • Winner | $1,560,000 – $2,299,999 – Arches
          • Winner | $2,300,000 and over – The Geddes Residence
          2020 Single Family Builder of the Year
          • Winner | Best Townhome
          • Finalist | Akira
          • Finalist | Sophie
          2018 Single Family Builder of the Year
          • Winner | Charleston
          • Winner | White House
          • Winner | Chateau West
          • Finalist | Starphire
          • Finalist | Blanc de blanc
          • Finalist | Oxford
          2017 Builder of Merit
          • Winner | sa Blan
          • Finalist | Artista
          • Finalist | Cleret Velour
          2016 Builder of Merit
          • Winner | Infinity
          • Winner | Belvedere
          • Finalist | Evolution
          2014 Builder of Merit
          • Winner | Waterfall
          • Winner | Winslow Grey
          • Winner | stle on 38th
          • Winner | Reclaiming Roxboro
          2013 National SAM Award Winner
          • Best Custom Home over 4000 sqft – Solur
          • Regional finalist – Solur